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Campaign: Russell Mania    Client: Keystone Entertainment
Russell Mania is a pre-sell campaign about a Jack Russell Terrier who becomes the World's champion wrestler. With no script and no assets, the development of this campaign proved to be both exciting and most challenging.

The essence of a pre-sell campaign is to draw attention to a new title and provide market presence for a yet-to-be-made film. We chose to create an iconic composition of our lead character and position him (and the movie) as a winner. Extensive research was conducted to assemble
photographic reference of Jack Russell dogs and World Wrestling Entertainment indicia. Although this live-action pooch packs a punch, we felt it was necessary to establish him as a wrestler and to create a belief system for the viewer. The Russell with the muscle needed an ATTITUDE!

From the dominant body language to the colorized eyes,a smirk of a smile and a crimson cape,we finally created a Russell that could tussle.

Russell is now, truly, creating market mania.

Kaiser Creative

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